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Our knowledge of tinplate steel manufacturing allows us to offer products that best suits the specific needs of our customer, at the most convenient price.

We have close relationships and cooperation agreements with steel mills from around the World to keep our supply stream steady and firm. We know the technical capacities of each of our suppliers and periodically revalidate them. in order to supply the best quality and provide steady products flow for our customers, with immense knowledge and experience.

Final productssteelrolls

Our warehouses locations allow us to offer always-on-time service to our customers.


Customers Advantages

Our long experience and deep knowledge of our markets allows us to anticipate market trends. We are able to make suggestions to our customers about their purchasing strategies –like buying when we anticipate price increases or waiting when drops are expected–.

We do market research about our main customers products, with the goal of providing sufficient guidance for them for their own benefit.


Tinplate (ETP) & Tin-free-steel (TFS)

ETP (Electrolytic Tinplate).tin_cans_silver

Low carbon steel coated with tin with a layer between them of steel-tin alloy and destined to be used mainly in the production of metal cans.
Tin provides good weldability and electrical conductivity, as well as high corrosion resistance.

TFS (Tin Free Steel, also known as ECCS, Electro-Chromium-Coated-Steel).

Low carbon steel covered with chromium with a layer between them of steel-chromium alloy. Its price is slightly cheaper than tinplate. It is mainly used for producing can lids or ends, two pieces cans (drawn cans) and crown caps.

Chromium provides very good lacquer adherence. It is not apt for welding.

This material can be supplied in sheets or coils. In the case of sheets, we deliver the material lacquered and printed, as well as with straight or scroll cut.

Even though the minimum thickness can be of 0.10mm, the standard range is between 0.13 and 0.50mm.

Basic Uses of tinplate

  • Food cans: Standard ends, easy-open ends, twist-off caps, crown taps, round or rectangular welded bodies, drawn bodies, and deep drown bodies (DWI).
  • General line cans: Aerosol, ends, tops, rings, welded round or rectangular bodies, welded and expanded bodies, drawn bodies, decorative cans.
  • Other applications: Deep drawn and moderate conformation.




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